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Free Appliance Repair and Troubleshooting

Warning! To avoid personal injury or death, always unplug the appliance or disconnect the power before attempting any repairs. Always turn off the gas at the source before repairing any gas appliance. Always wear safety glasses when using tools. Keep loose clothing and hair away from any moving parts. Safety is of major importance when performing any service or repair on any electrical appliance. By reading this page you state that you have read and agreed to's Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

Appliances are made to last. Well, most of them anyway. An average life span of a major appliance is about 18-20 years (12-15 for dishwashers). Of course, as with everything else, they do break down from time to time. The good news is one, most repairs can be done by you, the homeowner, and two, most repairs are inexpensive, if you're willing to do the work. We'll help you drill down to the problem with our troubleshooting guides and then show you how to take care of the problem with our step by step instructions... At no cost to you, of course. Just remember, if you do need parts, support us by purchasing them through our trusted parts partners. We didn't just pick them from a list. Their prices are better, delivery is amazingly fast (usually 1-2 days), and more importantly they take great care of their customers.

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