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Model Tag Search

Parts usually differ from model to model and to find the right part for your appliance you will need a complete model number. This page will show you where to look for the model tag.

Two common mistakes people make:

1. Don't pay attention to the cute little marketing names on the front of your appliance, like "Series 90", or "Neptune". "My oven says XL44 on the front, now find me my part" -- It's neither a waist size nor a model number .

2. What may appear to be a model number may be found in your Use and Care manual or on a big Energy sticker, on the side of the refrigerator door for example. None of these will have a complete model number. The Use and Care manual may cover 2, 5, or 20 different models that start with the same prefix. Same goes for the Energy label.

"So where do I find the whole number?" - The answer is simple. It's on a small tag (white or silver) that will always have the serial number in addition to the model number. That's how you know you've got the right tag (see sample tag below).  As for the location of the tag, it's almost NEVER in the back of an appliance, and is pretty easy to find. Check our nifty little tag location chart below.

Sample model tag:

Model Tag Location Chart:
Appliance Type Chart
Garbage Disposer
Vent Hood
Trash Compactor
Washing Machine

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